10 Exam Tips Practice to Get Better Marks


10 Exam Tips Practice to Get Better Marks:-


Its exam time again and you must be already getting the jitters. But hey don’t worry, like every other horrid thing this too shall pass.Here are a few tips for you to follow that will equip you with handling the stress better. Just remember, you are doing all that you could.An honest effort is all that matters.


1. Make Timetables and study plans- Do not leave many topics unattended. It might be a good idea to start your preparation in a reverse order which means start with the last exam gradually reaching the first exam a week before the actual exam date.


2. Try different Study Approach– Judge for yourself where can you be at ease the most. At home, library or in a study group.


3. Make short notes- Writing down in your own hand-writing produces imagery in your brain that can be retained for a longer time. Also use key words as Memory Aids.


4. Rest and Relaxation- Your body needs rest to avoid cluster in your brain and avoid exhaustion. Small breaks help increases concentration. Get enough sleep to keep your mind refreshed.


5. Take help- Do not shy away from asking for help. take guidance from teachers, friends, or parents if in any doubt.


6. Study Revision papers- Previous question papers can help you give an idea about what kind of questions to expect in the exam and how a particular question had been approached before.


7. Take a healthy Diet– Avoid dehydration which in turn might lead to poor concentration. Keep mouth-freshner handy to avoid tendencies of vomiting. Have a lot of fluid in your diet but aerated drinks are not advisable.


8. Stay away from distractions- Going for a movie, watching just that one programme on the television or going to the park are things that may distract you. Instead just take a brisk walk alone in case you are taking a short break from studies.


9. Be Organised- Keep everything that you might need handy well before the examination. The last hours are resourceful so they should not be wasted in arranging for things you might need in the exam.


10. Revision Time- Keep a little time alloted for revision one day before the exam. Concentrate on revising only important and relevant topics. Trying to learn new things on the eleventh hour is not a good idea.