GATE 2014 Question Papers and Answer Keys

April 23, 2014

GATE 2014 Question Papers and Answer Keys


GATE 2014 Question Papers and Answer Keys:-


GATE 2014 Question papers and the corresponding answer keys are now available for download. Please note that in GATE 2014, the examination for all the papers was conducted online (computer based test). It may be noted that numerous random combinations of the shuffled sequence of questions were displayed on the candidate console during the examination. The one shown here is only one possible sequence for which the answer keys are provided along side. Please note that the SESSION and SET numbers wherever they appear are for internal consumption only.


Paper Key Date of Examination
AE Question Paper AE Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Forenoon)
AG Question Paper AG Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Afternoon)
AR Question Paper AR Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Forenoon)
BT Question Paper BT Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Afternoon)
CE01 Question Paper CE01 Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Forenoon)
CE02 Question Paper CE02 Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Afternoon)
CH Question Paper CH Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Forenoon)
CS01 Question Paper CS01 Answer Key 1st March 2014 (Afternoon)
CS02 Question Paper CS02 Answer Key 2nd March 2014 (Forenoon)
CS03 Question Paper CS03 Answer Key 2nd March 2014 (Afternoon)
CY Question Paper CY Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Forenoon)
EC01 Question Paper EC01 Answer Key 15th February 2014 (Forenoon)
EC02 Question Paper EC02 Answer Key 15th February 2014 (Afternoon)
EC03 Question Paper EC03 Answer Key 16th February 2014 (Forenoon)
EC04 Question Paper EC04 Answer Key 16th February 2014 (Afternoon)
EE01 Question Paper EE01 Answer Key 1st March 2014 (Afternoon)
EE02 Question Paper EE02 Answer Key 2nd March 2014 (Forenoon)
EE03 Question Paper EE03 Answer Key 2nd March 2014 (Afternoon)
EY Question Paper EY Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Forenoon)
GG Question Paper GG Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Afternoon)
IN Question Paper IN Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Afternoon)
MA Question Paper MA Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Forenoon)
ME01 Question Paper ME01 Answer Key 15th February 2014 (Forenoon)
ME02 Question Paper ME02 Answer Key 15th February 2014 (Afternoon)
ME03 Question Paper ME03 Answer Key 16th February 2014 (Forenoon)
ME04 Question Paper ME04 Answer Key 16th February 2014 (Afternoon)
MN Question Paper MN Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Afternoon)
MT Question Paper MT Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Forenoon)
PH Question Paper PH Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Forenoon)
PI Question Paper PI Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Afternoon)
TF Question Paper TF Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Afternoon)
XE Question Paper XE Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Forenoon)
XL Question Paper XL Answer Key 2nd February 2014 (Afternoon)


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