GATE 2016 Application Process

August 6, 2015

GATE 2016 Application Process

Application FormsGATE 2016 – Application Procedure

All candidates have to apply only ONLINE. Details of the application fee are shown in Table. The application fee is non-refundable.

For GATE 2016 payments would have to be made through online by using net banking or debit card or e-challan facilities. Additional charges will be applicable as per the rule of the bank from where the money is being transferred. This charge will be specified on the payment portal.

Application Fee:

Male Candidates (General/OBC) 1500/-
Women Candidates of any category 750/-
Other Candidates (General/OBC) 1500/-
SC / ST / PwD* Category Candidates 750/-


GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS)

An online interface is provided for your interaction with the GATE Office. With this interface you can:

1. Apply for the examination online.

2. Upload photograph, signature and other documents like graduation certificate/certificate from Principal, caste certificate (if applicable) etc.

3. Pay the application fee through net-banking or debit card or e-challan.

4. Check the Status of your application form: Received, Under Scrutiny, Accepted, Defect Status, Status after Rectification, Rejected with Valid Reasons, Admit Card Ready for

5. Contact the zonal GATE Office in case of any queries/problems.

6. Download Admit Card.

7. View your answers, marks and GATE score.

The login to this interface uses your GOAPS password. Keep your password information safe and do not disclose it to anyone.

Filling in Application Online
  1. GOAPS: GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS website) can be accessed from the website of the respective Zonal GATE Offices or from the website of the GATE 2016 Organizing Institute.
  2. Registration: A candidate must first register by providing a valid email address, mobile number and a GOAPS password. All communications from the GATE Offices will be sent to this email address (ONLY ONE PERSON CAN REGISTER WITH ONE e-mail ADDRESS). Give your personal mobile number because most of the communications may also be sent via SMS.
  3. GOAPS Password: The candidate chooses a password during Enrollment at GOAPS. This password must be remembered along with the GOAPS Enrolment ID to login to GOAPS. It is strongly encouraged to choose a password that cannot be guessed easily (it should not be the candidate’s name, date of birth, or some easily guessable string of numbers or letters like 12345 or abcd).
  4. GOAPS Enrollment ID: Upon registration, an email containing your GOAPS Enrolment ID will be sent to you.
  5. Data Requirement for Application Filling: Before you login to GOAPS using Enrolment ID and Password, keep the following information ready:
    1. Personal information (name, date of birth, your personal mobile number, parent’s name, parent’s mobile number, etc.).
    2. Address for Communication (including PIN code),
    3. Eligibility degree details (College address, PIN code of college),
    4. GATE paper, choice of GATE examination cities,
    5. High quality image of your photograph
    6. Details of a valid ID Proof that you will carry to the examination hall.
    7. Your Net-banking login and password to make the application fee payment via online net-banking mode. In case you are making the payment through debit card/credit card have the following information like debit card/credit card number, password, CVV number ready with you.
  6. Application Filling: Fill in the necessary data in the online application form by carefully following instructions given there. You may edit the data at this stage if you require. Upload the required soft copy of photo, signature and Certificate from Principal (duly signed and stamped by the Principal).
  7. Select payment option (details given below) while filling the online form.
  8. The GOAPS allows you to enter data, “Save” partially filled form, “Logout”, and resume filling in by logging in again.
  9. Before you make the payment, you will be shown a “Preview” of your application, where you have to carefully check for any errors.
  10. Once you press “Confirm and Final Submit” button, no further changes to the application can be made by you.

Note: SC/ST/PwD Certificate Candidates who are in any of the above categories have to upload a valid documentary evidence Certificate from Principal Candidates who mention that they are yet to complete their course, will receive a “Certificate from Principal” section printed on the bottom part of the PDF file. Before you upload this certificate, it is MANDATORY to obtain the signature and seal of the college Principal on this.

Application Fee Payment Options

The application fee and various payment options are shown below. The application fee is non-refundable. All charges given below are in Indian Rupees.

GATE Payment


Online Net-banking Payment Details
  1. From the GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS), you will be redirected to the website of the bank of your choice.
  1. The fee can be paid with net-banking or debit card or e-challan.
  1. The fee amount and bank charges will be shown to you, and you have to confirm that the payment is for GATE 2016.
  1. Once you confirm and the payment is successful, you will be redirected back to the GATE Online Application Website.
  1. If you have a difficulty (due to internet connection or power failure, for example), and you are not sure whether your payment has been processed or not, then please login back to GOAPS and check the status of the payment. You can also check the status from your bank.
  1. In case the fee amount has been debited from your bank account and GOAPS does not acknowledge any fee payment, then the money will be credited back to your account within seven working days.
  1. In such a case, you may initiate a fresh payment using GOAPS, even without waiting for the money to be credited back to your account, so that your application is on time.
  1. Once the payment is successful a “Fee Payment Number” will be generated which isunique and MUST be saved by the candidate as it will be used in the later stages when he/she fills up the GATE 2016 Application form.


Important: It is essential that the candidate fills in the details in GOAPS without any error as the application is liable to be rejected if there is any error. As a checklist the candidate MUST verify that he/she has filled in and uploaded the following as required:


a) Personal information (name, date of birth, personal mobile number, parent’s name, parent’s mobile number etc.).

b) Address for Communication (including PIN code).

c) Eligibility degree details (College address, PIN code of college).

d) The signed application form (with photograph affixed) with Principal’s certificate, if that is the proof of your eligibility to appear in GATE 2016 OR other eligibility documents required to appear in GATE 2016 (e.g., degree certificate).

e) High quality image of a recent photograph conforming to the requirements

f) Category certificate in case a discounted application fee is claimed.

g) Good quality image of signature

h) Details of the same valid ID Proof that will be carried to the examination hall.

i) Fee payment number.

Note: Before submitting the GATE 2016 Application, please ensure that all the details and all the necessary supporting documents are filled / uploaded and there is NO ERROR. An application once submitted CANNOT be changed / rectified. The current status of an application will be updated after the receipt and scrutiny of the application by the respective zonal GATE Office. This status can be checked anytime by logging into GOAPS.


Important Link:


Photograph and Signature Requirements

The GATE 2016 Online Application Processing System requires that your photograph and signature be uploaded electronically at the time of submitting your application. Uploading photograph or signature that does not meet the specifications can result in the disqualification of the application without any refund of the application fee.

Photograph Requirements

Please pay attention to upload good quality photograph. Poor quality of the photograph submitted will lead to rejection of your GATE application, without any refund of the application fee. The GATE score card will be printed with the photograph you submit.

  1. The photograph must be in color and taken after 1 August 2015 in a professional studio. Photographs taken using a mobile phone and other self-composed portraits may result in rejection of application.
  1. Background of the photograph must be white or a very light colour.
  1. The face should occupy at least 50% of the area of the photograph with a full-face view looking into the camera directly.
  1. The main features of the face must not be covered by hair of the head, any cloth or any shadow. Forehead, eyes, nose and chin should be clearly visible.
  1. If you normally wear spectacles, glare on glasses is not acceptable in your photo. While you may wear spectacles for the photo shoot, if glare cannot be avoided, then remove the spectacles.
  1. You must not wear spectacles with dark or tinted glasses, only clear glasses are permitted.
  1. Ask your photo studio to provide the image in a JPEG format and also on a standard 3.5 cm × 4.5 cm (Width x Height) print.
  1. Maximum pixel resolution for JPEG: 480 × 640 (0.3 Mega pixel) (Ask your studio to reduce it to this resolution if it is higher).
  1. Minimum pixel resolution for JPEG: 240 × 320.
  1. The photograph must match with your appearance on the day of the examination.


Signature Specifications
  1. Please draw a rectangular box of size 2 cm × 7 cm (Height x Width) on an A4 white paper. Sign with black or dark blue ink pen within this box.
  1. Get the digital image of the rectangular box (with your signature inside) scanned by a professional using a scanner. Crop it to the border of the box.
  1. Only JPEG image formats will be accepted.
  1. The maximum pixel resolution for the image is 160 × 560.
  1. The minimum pixel resolution for the image is 80 × 280.
  1. Photographs of the signatures taken using mobile phone are not acceptable, and can result in disqualification of the application without any refund of the fee.